Zombies Come To Disney Channel!

ZOMBIES is almost here, and we couldn’t be happier. That’s because the new Disney Channel Original Movie has all the things we love: a great cast, lots of dancing, catchy tunes, laughs, cheerleading, football, friendship, a little romance and… zombies.

A zombie musical – what’s not to get excited about!

Set in the picture perfect town of Seabrook, the local students need to adjust to sharing their school for the first time with the new students from Zombietown. An unlikely friendship between cheerleader Addison, and “not-hideous-at-all” zombie football star Zed could unite their community for good.

ZOMBIES is from the same team that created Descendants 1 and 2, the Teen Beach movies, and many more… all the way back to High School Musical!

Before it premieres, let’s learn more about the characters and cast.

Z-O-M-B-I-E-S Addison

Playing Addison is Meg Donnelly. Addison is an inquisitive Seabrook High’s cheerleader who tries to break down prejudices. She’s positive and wants to change the world for the better, but she’s also got a secret.

Zombie football star, Zed, is played by Milo Manheim. He’s determined, fun and very energetic, despite, you know, being a zombie. Like Addison, Zed is willing to fight for what he believes in.

Addison’s cousin, Bucky, will be played by Trevor Tordjman, one of our faves from The Next Step. Bucky is Addison’s self-centered cousin, leader of the cheerleading team and he really, really doesn’t like zombies.

Zed’s best friend, Eliza, is played by Kylee Russell. Her cool look makes us want to rock a little zombie style for ourselves!

At Seabrook High School it’s Poms versus Zoms. Who will come out on top? Which side will you choose?

Well you’ll just have to watch the movie!

Posted 8 months Ago
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