Get To Know The Stars Of Zombies

Hey DCOM fans, we know you are already excited about the upcoming premiere of ZOMBIES this Friday and have a lot of premiere party planning to do.

But, please take some time out from all that zombie-inspired decorating and snack preparation and get to know the stars of ZOMBIES, Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim with 30 Things they love.

It makes us happy to know that just like their ZOMBIES characters, both stars love to sing in real life and Milo also likes to play football.

If you’re not sure what to expect in the movie, Meg plays Seabrook High School cheerleader Addison who falls for zombie football star Zed, played by Milo.

Living in the town of Seabrook is great, except that years ago there was a catastrophe resulting in a mysterious green haze that turned anyone touched by it into zombies. The brain-eating type of zombies. They live nearby in Zombietown. Like, really nearby.

The humans and the zombies don’t really get along (it’s that whole possibility that your brain can become a zombie’s dinner that the humans are afraid of). When the zombies are allowed to attend Seabrook High, the human students aren’t happy at all.

But the zombies have a Z-band stopping them from wanting to attack and munch on humans. They just want to be treated the same as everyone else. 

When kind and curious Addison meets fun and spirited Zed, they become friends and work to make Seabrook a great town for the entire community. They have quite a battle ahead of them to overcome years of fear, misunderstandings and discrimination but, like all our favourite DCOM characters, they do this best with song, dance, cheerleading, football moves and humour.

Posted 8 months Ago
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