The Next Step’s Top 4 ‘Oh My Dance’ moments to get pumped for summer.

Can you feel the heat? Summer is in full swing and to welcome in 2017 we have chosen our top 4 The Next Step ‘Oh My Dance’ moments of all time!

Let’s get our groove on, ready set scroll!

The greatest impromptu Beach Dance ever.

Remember this episode when the gals and boys needed to make some money stat? When their day at the beach quickly turns into a very profitable dance routine,they had Michelle to thank for the brilliant idea.

That time they helped the band Brighter Brightest out with their music video.

The Next Step
These guys in a music video, what more can we ask for.

Did someone say flash mob? What a gesture to bring back Michelle.


Michelle is OG of the The Next Step! If this didn’t bring her back, what would?

Dancing + Paint = The cutest ever anniversary gift that Riley organised for James.

The Next Step

Although I’m not sure their work of art will be hanging in a museum any time soon…

Posted 2 years Ago

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