From J-Troupe to A-Troupe For The Next Step’s Noah and Richelle

We love everyone on The Next Step but have to admit that we have some special heart-eyes for Noah and Richelle. And they just happen to be two of the best dancers at the studio.

Both have been with the show for so long now we feel like we’ve watched them grow up. Probably because we have!

So let’s get the facts on two of our T.N.S. faves and take the next step – back in time.


Actor: Myles Erlick
Dance Style: Contemporary
First T.N.S. Appearance: Myles guest-starred in Season 1 episode 4, Rock and a Hard Place
Joined J-Troupe: Season 2
Joined A-Troupe: Season 3
Fun Fact: Noah was in a band with James (Trevor Tordjman) in season 2. Noah rocked the guitar and sang, backed by James on drums.
Trivia: Myles played the role of Billy Elliot on Broadway and released his debut single “Serious” in 2017.

The Next Step Noah
Newbie Noah

They glow up so fast…

Heavy on the Vignette.

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Actor: Briar Nolet
Dance Style: Acro
First T.N.S. Appearance : Season 2 episode 1, Don’t Stop The Party
Joined J-Troupe: Season 2
Joined A-Troupe: Season 3, then demoted to B-troupe, made it back to A-Troupe in Season 4
Fun Fact: Richelle is now the teacher of J-Troupe
Trivia: Briar Nolet’s favourite movie is “High School Musical” , she released her debut single “Boys” on Valentine’s Day this year.

Bonus Fact: Noah may have had duet chemistry issues with Richelle, but did you know Myles and Briar are dating IRL!

Small in size, big on talent (and sass) from the very beginning.

Stepping up the look!


BONUS VIDEO: Noah and Richelle dance duet.

Dance along with your favourites from The Next Step in new episodes every Thursday on Disney Channel from 5pm.

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