Getting to know MORE of The Next Step Live Stage Show cast

Meet Jordan who plays Giselle on TNS

Jordan has been dancing since she was five and won So You Think You Can Dance Canada back in 2011. As well as playing Giselle on TNS Jordan is one of the choreographers for the show. Jordan always wanted to do gymnastics growing up but her mum put her into acrobatics and that lead her to trying different dance styles and falling in love with dance. She’s been dancing for almost 20 years now.

Meet Isaiah who plays Henry on TNS

Isaiah joined cast of TNS in season 4. He started dancing at age nine and his favourite style of dance is Hip-Hop but he’s also studying a range of other styles including Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Acro. His favourite routine from the tour is ‘Firefly’ because it’s amazing to perform for a live audience. One of Isaiah’s favourite styles to watch is Tap.


Meet Trevor who plays James on TNS

Besides playing the character of James on TNS, Trevor is actually one of the choreographers for the show. He started dancing at the age of four and owns his very own dance company IRL! When he’s choreographing routines he chooses a song that inspires him before he starts to create the dance in his mind and thinks about which dancers will be in the piece. His favourite style of dance is Hip-Hop.

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