Check in to The Lodge to check out this brand new series coming to your screens!

Did somebody say a new show is coming?

The Lodge is all about a girl named Skye who swaps her city life for a new adventure with her dad in the countryside. Her family also happens to own the country hotel called the North Star Lodge, which is in danger of shutting down forevs. Let’s just say it’s not all sunshine and happiness in the countryside.
Skye is not ready to see the lodge close so she asks her Dad for a chance to rescue it. Skye goes to work at the North Star but firstly, she needs to make some friends at the lodge. There’s only one problem – not many kids are jumping at the chance to be bff’s with ‘the outsider’, who also happens to be their new boss.The Lodge is all the drama and you will have to tune in to find out



Skye is super creative and wants to be a friend to everyone, but make no mistake, she’s no pushover and will fight for what she thinks is right.



Sean is the ultimate nice guy. He is so chill and loves to mountain bike.
Fun fact, the actor who plays Sean (Thomas Doherty) is playing Harry Hook in Descendants 2… just when we thought he couldn’t get any cooler, we find out he’s also a Villain Kid.



Ben is the outdoor adventurer and you can always find him with a tool kit as he is the “Mr. Fix It” on The Lodge. Ben is also Sean’s best mate.



Josh is the ultimate social media expert and is also Skye’s BFF from the city.
Josh and Skye keep in touch through video calls and Skye keeps him up to date with all the dramas – good, bad and ugly – and there is a lot of it at the North Star Lodge.


Kaylee loves to sing and though she may be a little shy, she has a seriously rocking voice!


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