Monday To Friday – A Week Of Style Inspo From Ash

There’s no doubt about it – Ash has major style. One day she’s sporty cool, the next day she’s retro glam. One of our favourite things about Hanging With is checking out her different outfits each week… and she wears a lot!
(We love your combos too, Adam. Haven’t forgotten about you, buddy!)


How does Ash describe her style?

“I love wearing t-shirts with jeans or a classic A-line skirt and a pair of leather converse sneakers. I’m all about feeling confident and comfortable with a bit of edge. I would probably describe my style as urban. When I dress up I love a halter neck dress or top that tapers in towards the neck. I think it suits my body type. I’m 5ft 3  and have an athletic body type – high waisted jeans or skirts help give me some shape in the waist. I usually find it hard to get jeans to fit me well so I once I find a brand I like, I stick with it!”

And what about her Hanging With outfits?

“On the show my stylist Madeline dresses me quite different to how I would normally dress in my everyday life. However there’s usually at least one part of the outfit that is connected to my personal taste. I enjoy what she dresses me in because it’s different and fun! I don’t usually take risks when I dress myself so it’s great when I get to do it for the show.
I trust her to dress me to suit my body type, and she always delivers! Thanks Mads!”

We agree– thanks Mads! Ash always looks incredible, so we’d say you’re knocking it out of the park! Let’s check out a week of Ash’s looks.



Summer isn’t far away and we are ALL about this super sunny look. Ash is rocking a classic white tee with a high waist skirt in a fun floral print. The sneakers and hat make this a perfect outfit for a picnic or a BBQ. Hats are great accessories because as well as protecting you from the sun, they give you an instant good hair day and frame your face for perfect selfies in the sun.

Ash says: I liked the skirt in this look. I always love a high waist. It was also below my knees, which helps because the Hanging With couch is very low… I’m always having to think about the way I’m sitting on screen!



The cap and bomber jacket make this super sporty but the hoop earrings and the pink lips give this outfit a street edge. It’s a little bit Rihanna and a little bit Becky G, and we’re a little bit in love with it.

Ash says: “I don’t usually like hats like this on me! I wasn’t sure about the cap, but I think it works with the hair.”



Ash turns the volume UP with this glamorous vintage look. The fabric is super retro (your grandma’s old curtains might be coming to mind…) but it totally works and the bell sleeves are EVERYTHING. The high neck and maxi length could have been overwhelming – but the lace paneling on the top of the dress and the sleek high ponytail make this look a winner.

Ash says: “I LOVE this dress. I first saw it in the Disney wardrobe room and was hoping it was set aside for me… I got lucky! I really like the neckline.”


Nail Style

Denim, pastels and a messy high ponytail – Ash works the fun factor with the stripey skirt and pink earrings and lips. The denim jacket dresses this look down and the high pony adds some fun. Love the midi length of the skirt too!

Ash says: “Denim jackets are always great, they can transform a whole outfit. I like that it relaxed this look, as the top and the skirt were quite dressy on their own. I always prefer 3/4 sleeves to long sleeves because I feel like it makes me appear taller with longer arms!”



What’s that? It’s almost the weekend?! This playsuit is defs giving weekend vibes and we are LIVING for the purple flower in the hair! Add heels and Ash is ready to go out dancing in this fun combo… or chuck on some cool sneakers and cruise the mall with your gal pals!

Ash says: “I’m obsessed with playsuits. I think they suit me well. My favourite look of the week! This look is easily dressed up and dressed down with accessories… The purple flower was only for one segment. In the other ones I was wearing these really big black feather earrings – they were fun.”

Posted 2 years Ago

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