Mini Bouquets inspired by Disney Characters


Disney Style just posted the most incredible and adorable mini bouquets, inspired by Alice and Tinker Bell.

Take a look at the gorgeous bouquets:

Just imagine the bouquet of wild-flowers sticking out of your school backpack. So creative! It looks like they’ve been freshly picked from Alice’s world.

The Tinker Bell photo really makes us what to throw fairy dust everywhere. It looks like the round pom pom flowers were used to resemble Tink’s cute top knot. And how cute is that little coin purse!

In case you missed it, read the article here.

Feeling inspired? Take some inspo from your favourite Disney character and have a go at creating your own mini bouquet. It would make the perfect gift to send to your loved ones.

The Alice and Tinker Bell mini bouquets have been styled with products from Typo. You can check out their range here.

Posted 2 years Ago
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