Rowan Blanchard Looks Back On Her Girl Meets World Audition

Rowan Blanchard stars as Riley Matthews in Disney Channel’s comedy series ‘Girl Meets World’.  Now in her third season on the show, we had the chance to ask Rowan about how she got the job and how she’s grown since the show began.

Rowan Blanchard

Disney Channel: How does it feel to be the star of Girl Meets World?

Rowan Blanchard: It feels amazing.

When did you first hear about the show?

Rowan Blanchard: I first heard about Girl Meets World in November 2012, which is when I had my first audition. The original script was very different to the show we have now. The storyline changed completely during the rehearsals.

When you auditioned for the show, did you know that Girl Meets World was a new spin-off to the 1990s comedy, Boy Meets World?

I wasn’t a Boy Meets World fanatic, but I knew about the original show and I’d seen lots of re-runs on TV. When I read the name ‘Topanga’ in the script, I figured it out. As soon as I booked the role of Riley, I went back and watched every single episode. They are all amazing.

How tough were the auditions for Girl Meets World?

The audition process was incredibly long. I had about 12 auditions in total, which is ridiculous. I felt like every time I auditioned for the show, they’d ask me to do another one. It was endless.

When did you realise that you might have a chance of booking the role?

I started to realise I might have a shot at winning the role when I met Michael Jacobs, who is the creator of Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. And then I read with Ben and Danielle, which was very cool.

Did you feel confident in the auditions?

Auditions are always nerve-wracking, but I think the deal was sealed when I read with Sabrina Carpenter because we clicked immediately. Disney asked us to go outside and talk for 10 minutes – and then we had to walk back into the room like we’d known each other for six years. It just worked between us. It was amazing.

How did you react when you discovered you’d won the role?

To be honest, it didn’t really hit me at first. I was relieved more than anything because it had been such a long audition process. The first time I realised we were making a cool new show was when we started to shoot it.

How much fun did you have shooting the pilot episode?

Filming the pilot was fun, but it was also hard. There were a lot of things that we had to do in order to protect the original series and not tarnish it. We also make sure we were doing something to appeal to new audiences, too.

Is it much easier to shoot the show now?

It’s much easier now. In the first few episodes, we were trying to figure out where we stood as a show. By episodes four and five, we’d found our ground and we were having a blast. It’s been amazing.

Now that you know a little bit more about Rowan’s endless audition process, it’s time to watch her bring Riley to life. You can catch Girl Meets World on Disney Channel.

Posted 2 years Ago
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