Bestie Guestie Face Off: Let’s See Who Gives The Best Worst Face

If you’re familiar with Hanging With Adam & Ash (duh of course you are – soz), you’d know that Ads and Ash have a popular segment called Bestie Guesties, in which they interview celebs, musicians, dancers, superheroes, the garbage man, the security guard at the Disney office… and you know, basically become besties with them.01-gif_fist-bump
And you would also know that part of a Bestie Guestie interview usually involves Adam or Ash asking the guest to pull their best/worst/craziest/least likely to get a date face. The result? Many, many lolz. So we did a roundup of the latest and greatest for a BESTIE GUESTIE FACE OFF. Prepare your faces, people!


Star of Jessie and Bunk’d, and all round cool person, Skai was hanging in LA with Adam and Ash when they went over for the RDMAs. Don’t think anyone saw this face coming.


AWESOME BECAUSE: Two words – surprise factor. Skai didn’t hesitate but this is one of the more unusual Bestie Guestie faces we’ve seen. The pointed fingers say ‘yo, what’s up?’ but the eyes say ‘I’m a zombie I’m gonna eat your brains’. It’s a weird combo, Skai – and we like it!

EXTRA POINT FOR: Simulating our favourite hand emoji. Gonna use it 10,000 more times now.


Sabs was in town for FanFest and also to talk some noise about Adventures In Babysitting, her movie with Sofia Carson (hello squad goals!). When asked to give her best ‘bored babysitter’ face, Sabs brought it like a pro:

AWESOME BECAUSE: We’re dealing with a true professional here. Rumour has it that Sabs put in 50 hours of babysitting her neighbour’s goldfish in preparation for her role, and we’re witnessing the amazing results of her hard work. *Applause*

EXTRA POINT FOR: Versatility. This gif can be used to express many other emotions, such as the ‘whatever’ emotion, the ‘I can’t believe I have a test tomorrow emotion’ and also the ‘I totally have nothing to wear’ emotion.


Kelli Berglund, star of Lab Rats, Kickin’ It and How To Build a Better Boy, was asked to pull her ‘best bionic face’. You all have a bionic face, right?

AWESOME BECAUSE: It’s a two for the price of one – this girl just doesn’t stop! Kelli gives us a seriously serious bionic face but THEN goes into an impressive boxing sequence. Phew, we’re exhausted. And impressed.

EXTRA POINT FOR: Looking fierce – both literally and figuratively! Kelli is WERKING that olive green turtleneck and the flicked ombre hair is on point… but she still looks fierce – literally! Like if you messed with her she could take you down. But we wouldn’t mess with ya, Kelli. Promise.


The Aussie singer-songwriter who won a tiny little award called Australia’s Got Talent back in 2007 was asked to give her best selfie face… and we got another two-for-one people. We repeat, another twofer!


AWESOME BECAUSE: The peace sign is an absolute classic. Can’t lose. Keep it in your back pocket for selfie emergencies.

EXTRA POINT FOR: The first selfie face Bonnie gave us – another textbook example. Cool as a cucumber, pointing down the barrel of the camera with maximum confidence. Think we can all agree that Bonnie has this DOWN.


These best friends forever (heyo!) gave two very different faces – this is what we like to see. The chilled out subtlety of Lauren’s look combined with the intensity of Ricky’s furrowed brow works in perfect harmony. As Tommy Gong would say, Namaste.

AWESOME BECAUSE: Anyone else getting weird aquatic vibes from Lauren? So good.

EXTRA POINT FOR: Ricky we can’t deny that yours is an Instagram-worthy classic. Killing it with the hair too btw.


Miz Osbourne was in town to promote The 7D, the Disney XD cartoon that Kelly voices a character for (who is hilarious and has purple hair. Nuff said.) When asked to give her best ‘Kelly’ face, KO served up this fishy delight:


AWESOME BECAUSE: The precision. This is probably the most legit, textbook fish-lips face we’ve ever seen. We’re not worthy.

EXTRA POINT FOR: The fish kisses. She was asked just to pull a face and she gave us a truly beautiful moment. We salute you, Kelly Osbourne.


Hold the phone! We have another fish-lips contender! The Mako mates were asked to give their best underwater face and Dom threw down and took up Kelly’s challenge. Meanwhile, Gemma’s classic holding-my-breath-underwater face is hilarious because of how serious she looks. Breathe, Gemma – breathe!


EXTRA POINT FOR: Dom’s wriggly eyebrows and look of genuine concern. You can tell he just really wants to win this fish-lips challenge (that Kelly O has no idea she’s instigated).


The Aussie country music sensation really turned her nose up at this whole ‘crazy face caper’… ha ha ha ha ha hahhahahahahahahahahaha. Yes we are slow-clap laughing at our own joke.


AWESOME BECAUSE: Commitment to the pig nose. Missy went the whole hog on this one… (sorry, we’ll stop. [probs not though]).

EXTRA POINT FOR: Still managing to look cool and pretty while making a pig nose. HOW MISSY? Is it the choker? TELL US YOUR SECRETS.

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