Jyn Erso Strikes Back in Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Star Wars fans, we’ve come to the end of the Star Wars Forces of Destiny series, for now. 🙁

We’ve shared the adventures of iconic heroes Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Jyn Erso, Sabine Wren, Princess Leia, Padmè Amidala, and more, celebrating each heroic action—no matter how big or small—of these fierce females. Each of them has inspired us to find the courage, hope and strength to change our own destinies.

This week was no exception as we saw Leia and Sabine outwit those pesky stormtroopers…and survive IG-88 (a former assassin droid turned bounty hunter).  Yikes!

And, Jyn Erso went even further to prove she is GOALS. Seeing her step up as a personal hero to help a little girl who is being bullied makes us want to be her BFF. She is so selfless. Uhhh, what was that creature we just saw in Bounty of Trouble? We’re 99% sure it was a kitty! We’ll be watching this ep again to confirm the presence of meows, fluff and…oh wait, it was a tooka. Tookas make adorable, doe-eyed sidekicks just like cats. Space kitties rock!

Episode 7: The Stranger

Episode 8: Bounty of Trouble

We hope Star Wars Forces of Destiny has inspired you to be the very best you can be. Whenever you need a reminder of how powerful friendship, kindness, loyalty and hope can be you will find all 8 episodes are here. BRB, watching these on repeat!

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Posted 11 months Ago

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