Find Your Courage With Star Wars Forces of Destiny

We’ve seen so many familiar faces and welcome reunions in the new Star Wars Forces of Destiny series and we’re insanely excited to see Leia, Artoo and Chewie back together again!

This week we are getting strong teamwork vibes as Leia and R2-D2 must work together to free Chewbacca from the clutches of a ferocious wampa. Yikes!! It seems Chewie wasn’t the only beast in that ice cavern (LOL)!

Not to be outdone as far as daring escapes go, Ahsoka and Padme face off against a shape-shifting bounty hunter. Let’s just say this sneaky imposter has picked the wrong Jedi and Senator to mess with.

Watch below to witness this week’s selfless acts of bravery, powerful moments of friendship and totally epic lightsaber battles all over again.

Episode 5: Beasts of Echo Base

Episode 6: The Imposter Inside

If you’ve been hiding from wampas and happened to miss the first 6 episodes of Star Wars Forces of Destiny, be sure to catch up before the final two eps are shown on Hanging With next Friday, 4.30pm.

Tell us which episode has been your favourite so far by answering the Poll.

Posted 12 months Ago

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