Which Stuck in the Middle character are you?

We love the entire Diaz family from Stuck in the Middle – and there’s a lot of them so that’s a lot of love!

We also love that Jenna Ortega and Arianna Greenblatt, who play Harley and Daphne, did this quiz. You can see which character they are, and then do the quiz yourself below.

Each Diaz family member has special skills and traits that would be very handy to have in case of any problems that need solving, or any odd, eye-roll inducing family situations that need managing.

Rachel’s assured sense of style would be fantastic for those days when your wardrobe options seem overwhelming. Ethan’s kindness and karaoke skills would definitely be welcome on a night out with friends. And anything could be possible if you had Harley’s intelligence and inventiveness.

So which character are you? Take this Quiz and you’ll find out.

To keep up with Harley and all the Diaz family antics you can catch new episodes of Stuck in the Middle on Thursdays at 4pm on Disney Channel.

Posted 10 months Ago
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