Quiz: Are You Cheerleader or Zom?

It’s the age-old question that people have asked themselves: Am I more cheerleader or zombie?

Perhaps you are flawless and fearless with impeccable dance steps and hair like a cheerleader (or pom as they like to call themselves). Or do you prefer to let your “freak flag fly” like our friends from the darker side.

Now you can take this quiz to find out.

ZOMBIES Disney Channel Quiz Cheerleader Pom Zom

Addison and Zed fans, don’t forget that this Saturday at 730pm you can catch ZOMBIES again (the movie, not the condition) on Disney Channel. Or if you haven’t seen it yet, tune in so you know what all your friends are talking about, and also, what could go so wrong with a girl and a zombie? You can also watch on the Foxtel Kids app.

Posted 7 months Ago

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