Sing and Dance in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is a magical night of the year to celebrate with family and friends. Cue: fireworks lighting up the sky.

High School Musical’s Troy and Gabriella wouldn’t have had the “Start of Something New” if it wasn’t for New Year’s Eve.


To get ready, we have chosen our all-time Disney Channel Original Movie Songs to sing and dance in the New Year. So get ready, listen to the songs below and then take the Lyric Quiz!

High School Musical “We’re All in This Together”

These Wildcats can bust some serious dance moves. HSM represent.


Camp Rock “This is Me”

Demi Lovato + the Jonas Brothers = forever baes.


High School Musical 2 “What Time Is It?”

That moment when you know school’s over and summer’s here.


Cheetah Sisters: 2 Amigas Cheetahs

Through thick and thin, you always know your friends have your back.


Now you are down with the OG DC Songs. Tune in to Disney Channel from 6.30pm for the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Sing-along.

Posted 6 months Ago

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