Disney Songs That Will Get You Ready For Summer

Summer is here and while it’s not the school holidays just yet, we can start to get into a summery mood. To do that we’ve found all the Disney songs that will have you dreaming of beach days, pool parties and icy pole treats. Here they are:

1. “Under The Sea” The Little Mermaid

Summer Ariel

“Life under the sea is better than anything they’ve got up there” says Sebastian and we agree! This song is the perfect inspiration for a dive in the ocean.


2. “Just Around The Riverbend” Pocahontas

Summer Song

For those who us who don’t live near the sea!


3. “Surf Crazy” Teen Beach Movie

Surf Crazy

Grab your friends and your surf boards and make a splash this weekend! Pretend you’re our favourite singing and dancing surfers.


4. “Try Everything” Zootopia

Try Everything

Not only will this song make you want to dance, its uplifting lyrics will keep you motivated to reach the end of the school year.


5. “Rescue Me” Sabrina Carpenter from Teen Beach 2

The acoustic vibe of this song has such a warm beach feel, you’ll be swaying along in no time.


6. “Almost There” The Princess And The Frog


Just the song to get you through your last days at school.


Posted 2 years Ago

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