Dance Dance Fridays: Backstage Dance Off!

Put your hand up if you’re obsessed with Backstage?

Well don’t worry you’re not alone! And if you haven’t checked it out yet… WHY NOT?! Okay soz for the drama, but this is a drama worth getting dramatic about! The series is set at a performing arts school called Keaton and it’s about a group of year 9’s, all with different skills – there are dancers, singers, musicians, music producers, DJs artists, writers, film students, you name it!

Backstage Spin

And they’re all really talented so the competition is really fierce and the main characters, Carly (Cee) and Vanessa (Vee) are ballet dancers and best friends and it’s all about their school life at Keaton, which is good/hard/challenging/rewarding, plus all the other Keaton kids they get to meet and it’s awesome and OKAY BREATHE.
Basically, Cee and Vee do a lot of dancing, so are you ready for a Backstage Dance-Off?!


We’ll take that as a yes!


Boom – the acro dancers are coming in hot with the acrobatics! They’ll be tough to beat. Impressive moves and we’re also digging the sneakers vibes with the dance clothes.


In slides one of the breakers, bringing some classic moves – shoulder rolls for days! (That’s what that move is called, right? Ermmm…) Extra impressive is how he’s not getting tangled up in his hair.


The Primas sashay in to show just why they are the top ballet dancers at Keaton… although that seems less like ballet and more like hitting-the-D-floor-at-a-party kind of dancing? Just sayin’… Wish I looked that skilled dancing at a party.

Here we go, classic ballet twirls! We’re no Helsweel but that looks like perfection to us! Just don’t stare at that gif too long, you could end up hypnotized.


Any B-Girls in the house? Present! So cool! Really digging the slouchy hip-hop vibes they’ve got going on, they make it look easy. Kinda wanna be best friends with them.

Now Cee and Vee have been experiencing a little friendship drama (erm see above), but nothing like a group dance-off to bring everyone back together again!

The girls get their freestyle on and are so stoked to be dancing together that they kind o forget that they’re on opposing sides of the dance battle. Awwwwww!

OUR VERDICT? Everybody’s awesome and everybody wins. You Backstage kids are just so dang talented! Who do YOU think won the dance-off?

Posted 2 years Ago

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