Be Like Moana and Search The Sea

Adventure is calling! Get excited for this new underwater treasure hunt – Moana Search The Sea.

Take a dip into this virtual sea. This is a perfect game to cool down with during the summer holidays.

Moana has a deep connection with the ocean and the ocean does magical things for her. It guides her through her adventurous quest to save her island home and people. Be magical like Moana and let the sea follow your steps to spot as many underwater treasures as you can. We’re sure you’ll be able to bring out your inner ocean soul and connect with the sea.captureshellHover over the shallow waters with your mouse and where your mouse goes, the water moves away to reveal the sand beneath – you’re just like Moana!

capturestarfishcaptureflowersLook out for starfish and sea shells on the sand below but hurry! – Your mission is to search for as many items as you can before time runs out. Keep trying and see how far you can go with your personal record!

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Moana is in cinemas now, rated PG. Join her voyage across the sea.

Posted 2 years Ago
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