These Adorable Piglet Ears Are The Perfect Accessory For Your Dog

If there is one thing we’ve learnt since watching Moana – it’s that Pua, the friendly sidekick is absolutely adorable. Those fluffy ears, that little pink nose – he is cuteness overload!

Now, if you are anything like we are, you’re probably sitting in your room, looking at your puppy and wishing he or she could magically sprout a pair of big fluffy pink ears and be just like Pua.

Well, until your pet learns that particular trick (you might be waiting awhile…) we’ve done the hard work for you. We have found a way to make Pua’s ears to put on your dog, cat, fish (ok, maybe not your fish), or even to wear yourself!

Watch the cute video and give your pet the gift they have always dreamed of – a set of fluffy pig ears!

If you haven’t already seen Disney’s Moana, make sure you check it out in cinemas now!


Posted 2 years Ago
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