Tell us your favourite moment from Weekend Hangout

It would be hard to find a group of people we love as much as our Hanging With hosts. In fact, we’re not even going to try.

But one of the best bits of Hanging With, is that you can now watch all the best bits from the week every Saturday. And when we say best bits – we also mean the bits that don’t go quite to plan, and some weird bits too, and of course the bloopers.

So what is your favourite moment? You have quite the selection to choose from!

Do we choose our Craft Dudes (really not) nailing the paper plane launcher? Next time they should listen to craft guru Connor when told to.

Or the true test of physical skill – the cat-a-pult? No toys or hosts were harmed in the making of that segment. Well, maybe the hosts’ pride took a brusing.

The competitive nature of the hosts showed during Graffiti Heads, and the Kid Picasso quiz. And the Paintbrush Helmet portraits of Ash were outstanding! Just not in any way outstandingly great. Tim could maybe try a little more next time… or you know, try at all.

An inspirational teacher can make a huge difference in your life and are unforgettable. But then there are those that you will talk about for years to come because they are unforgettable for other reasons. However, we did learn a lot about modern art and Finding Nemo.

Our favourite moment? Hmmmmm? You might have to come back to us on this one. This is a tough choice.

The lovable hosts bring us news, competitions, craft, a lot of laughs and at times a little confusion over some of their antics. Yes, Jackson, we’re looking right at you!

Catch Disney Channel’s Hanging With every afternoon from Monday to Friday from 4pm, and Weekend Hangout on Saturdays at 7am.



Posted 9 months Ago
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