Hanging With’s Superpower Mime Challenge

Ash gave Joel and Georgia-May one of their toughest challenges yet on Hanging With when they played Guess That Superpower!

Joel and GM had to compete against each other to work out which Incredibles 2 character superpower was being acted out by, ahem… expert mimes, Tim and Siena.

Watch as each of the hosts struggle through their particular job for this challenge: Tim and Siena with the difficult task of miming some complex superpowers, Joel and GM trying to guess what all the posing, jumps, facial expressions, and wild arm movements could possibly mean, and Ash trying to keep it all together through fits of laughter.


You can catch Disney Channel’s Hanging With every afternoon from Monday to Friday from 4pm, and Weekend Hangout on Saturdays at 7am.

Posted 5 months Ago
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