Hanging With Moana Star Auli’i Cravalho

Aloha! Hands up if you have ever dreamed of going on an epic journey to Hawaii, the beautiful land of hula skirts, flower necklaces and ocean adventures.

Adam and Ash did just that, and more, when they crossed oceans on their Hawaiian trip with Auli’i Cravalho, the star of the newest Disney movie, Moana.

Moana is a the totally cool, adventurous 16 year old teenager who sails out on a crazy quest to save her island home and her peeps with the help of her new friend Maui, the shape shifter demigod played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Scream!

Adam and Ash’s Hawaiian Adventure Photo Gallery

Ash says: Auli’i is SO sweet, lovely and has such a vibrant energy. One afternoon after we finished filming, we hung out sitting on deck chairs with her best friend speaking about life and the things we love. She also has a great singing voice. I hope I get to see her if we visit Hawaii again.

Moana sails into cinemas this Boxing Day (Decemeber 26).

Posted 8 months Ago

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