If you love flowers but can’t help feeling as down as they look when they start to wilt and lose petals, then this craft project is for you. The Hanging With team have the answer to sad, droopy flower syndrome (we’re sure it’s a thing), and it’s these DIY floral monograms.


  • A wooden or paper-maché letter
  • Several fake flowers that will be enough to cover your letter (pick 2-3 colours for a cute bunch)
  • Hot glue gun*
  • Scissors

*Make sure you have an adult present to help with glueing and using scissors.


  • Separate your fake flowers from the plastic stems
  • Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of your flowers and stick this to your letter
  • Continue glueing flowers on until you’ve covered the whole letter – make sure your flowers are tight together so there’s no gaps.
  • If needed, an adult can trim the flower petals to make the shape of the letter clearer.
  • You can also try different ideas, like covering your letter in paint splatters, using pom poms or stickers!
Posted 3 months Ago
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