Flashback Friday: Frozen Double Trouble Game

Frozen Double Trouble is an epic adventure game that puts your gaming skills to the test. You play as both Anna and Kristoff and swing, jump and climb across the wintery landscape of Arendelle as they try to find Elsa. It’s just like in the movie!

Kristoff’s mad skills with the grappling hook help him avoid wolves…frozendoubletrouble_kristoff

Anna is always on the look out for  crocus flowers to help get a high score…frozendoubletrouble_anna_flowers

Plus, we love all the magical surprises too, like when Sven comes to the rescue to help Kristoff cross a chasm in Level 3, and how Anna gets to hide behind Olaf! He’s so great.frozendoubletrouble_olaf

There’s just plenty of adventurous moments to find throughout Frozen Double Trouble as the characters brace the elements, shake snow from trees, climb and leap, and avoid dangerous falling obstacles. We can’t stop playing!

We’re pretty sure you’ve played this game too because it’s one of Disney’s most popular online games ever. Especially during the school holidays. Let us know if you’ve mastered the game and leveled up to the top of the mountain, or if you’re playing for the first time.

Posted 2 years Ago
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