Sticker Book Your Way To Magical Days At Disneyland Resort In California

ICYMI – Our Hanging With hosts just had the most exciting week planning their ultimate itineraries for 4 magical days at Disneyland Resort in California. Mickey Mouse even joined them to pick his very favourite itinerary! Read the full story here.

Now it’s up to you to plan your days – The Disneyland Resort Sticker Book is loaded with colour, cuteness and fun so you can create your own wishlist of ways to play at Disneyland.

Dedicate a day to meeting your most-loved Disney characters, or take yourself on a rollercoaster of a day (literally) by including all the thrill-seeking attractions (hello California Screamin’). Perhaps spend a day pretending you’re part of a classic Disney movie or let yourself be mesmerised by sound, light and colour as you watch sensational shows and magical character parades.

Stick, resize, rotate and don’t forget to decorate – there’s a tonne of stickers to choose from!  Save each of your designs, perhaps leave a few laying around the house so your parents know exactly how many days you’ll need to stay on your next trip to Disneyland, California. You’ve done all the planning for them and you are practically ready to take off!

Need a little inspo to get you started? Check out these cool sticker books we made:

Ready to start sticking? Head to the Disneyland Resort Sticker Book now!

Posted 1 year Ago

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