What videos would you make if you were to become the next Vuuugle Star?

Dreaming of becoming a Vuuugler just like Paige and Frankie in Bizaardvark?

Paige and Frankie dive headfirst into a partnership at Vuuugle (think YouTube), creating videos around funny, bizarre jokes and cool tunes. The pair run the Bizaardvark channel and there’s other Vuuuglers – Dirk Mann, the founder of Dare Me Bro and Amelia Duckwork, the star of Perfect Perfection talking all things fashion.

If you were to become the next Vuuugle star, what would you make videos about? Take the quiz below to find out!

Ready to start making videos? To get more inspiration, catch Bizaardvark on Disney Channel!

Posted 1 year Ago
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