Quiz: Test Your Bizaardvark Knowledge

Best friends Paige and Frankie, their hilarious quirky video blogging, and their sometimes – okay often – weird but always funny songs on Bizaardvark are pretty much all we need to keep happy.

The other characters in the show also bring the laughs, but how much do you know about Bizaardvark? Take this trivia quiz to find out.

Below. you can also watch Paige and Frankie performing ‘The Greatest Rap Song Of All Time’. That’s right – Of.All.Time… despite some distractions.

Don’t forget you can catch Bizaardvark on Disney Channel.


In Disney Channel’s series Bizaardvark, Paige Olvera (played by Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie Wong (played by Madison Hu) take the video blogging world by storm with their online comedy channel Bizaardvark. Once they reach 10,000 subscribers, these besties are invited to produce their videos at the influential Vuuugle Studios.

With the help of longtime friend and 12-year-old agent Bernie, plus fellow Vuuugle stars such as Amelia, of Perfect Perfection makeup and style vlog fame, these best friends embark on  lots of adventures in their quest to rule the blogosphere through one comedic musical number at a time.

Posted 7 months Ago
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