5 Reasons why we love Bizaardvark’s Paige and Frankie

Vuuugle’s superstar comedy duo Paige and Frankie “like to keep it weird, they make crazy videos and even look good in a beard”. They are Bizaardvark and the ultimate BFF’s. What’s not to love about them?

Here are our 5 reasons:

Not afraid to be themselves

Paige and Frankie embrace their weird and wacky personalities. When they first arrived at Vuuugle they doubted they would fit in but soon realised if they believed in themselves that was all that mattered – Mad Respect.



They love animals

Are Paige and Frankie training cats again…?


Paige and Frankie have so much love for the animals of the world!
Remember the time they hung out with JIFFPOM or the time they wrote “Blobfish”? Our all-time fav would have to be when Bernie stole their ‘Comeback Song’ renamed it “Meow Meow Song” and got his cats ‘Puff & Frankie’ to perform it. They weren’t even that mad, not even at the cats because that’s how much love they have for their furry friends. Animals are bae.


A+ for being Supportive

They would do anything and everything for each other. There was one time Frankie had a hater and she lost her confidence for a moment. It ended up being a total mix up which resulted in an awesome song, but point being, Paige was there by her side the whole time.



They make us LOL

You CANNOT take the ‘bizarre’ out of Bizaardvark.
There is never a dull moment with these two. Even Amelia likes to join in on the fun.


Their crazy songs and music videos are awesome!

We have an exclusive music video ahead of this week’s new episode on Thursday at 5pm. It is so catchy it will have you singing and scrolling to search all your fav emojis.

Posted 2 years Ago
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