Current mood? Baymax will tell you

Baymax is the large, inflatable, very squishy healthcare companion from Disney Channel’s Big Hero 6 – The Series. Baymax is the protector of young robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada and together with friends Fred, Wasabi, Go Go and Honey Lemon, the team of six superheroes embark on action-packed adventures as they protect their city, San Fransokyo, from an array of villains.

Baymax is a caring soul, who is programmed to make sure Hiro avoids any dangerous situations – which is a little tricky when you’re in a team continually up against baddies.

Apart from hugs, one of Baymax’s top skills, is analysis. He’s agreed to determine your current mood for you, and let you know which of the Big Hero 6 team’s personalities your mood most represents. All you have to do is answer the following five questions and let Baymax do the rest.

Our current mood? Very excited for new episodes of Big Hero 6 – The Series! Join Baymax, Hiro and the team on Disney Channel every Saturday from 8am.


Posted 9 months Ago
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