Recreate Belle’s look for your next #OOTD

When you’re heading to the shopping centre, going to a weekend pool party or just going for a jog around the hood, take some style inspo from Belle’s iconic outfits from the Beauty and the Beast.

Today, we’ve pulled together three looks to give you ideas for your own Belle inspired outfits for more day to day occasions. Remember, it’s totally fine if you don’t have these exact items. Just have fun recreating your own Belle inspired look using your favourite blue, white, yellow or red pieces from your own wardrobe.

Look #1: Weekend Shopping Outfit

If you think Belle’s blue dress outfit is too detailed, all the details are there for a reason. Being a bookworm, she always holds a book in one hand. Her dress has perfect wide pockets to slip her books in, plus enough space to collect random items for her father, Maurice’s inventions.  She wears smart comfy shoes and pettipants under her dress so that she’s always ready to jump on Phillipe and ride him through the mountains to save her father.

We took a modern, casual take on Belle’s iconic blue dress and created her look by pairing a fun denim jacket over a crop blouse, some cute denim shorts, comfortable light brown lace-up loafers, and topped it off with a cute red and blue polka dot scarf.

Look #2: Going for a jog?

Belle wraps herself in a cosy red cape to keep herself warm from the cold. Recreate this look using your own red coloured hoodie, sweater or whatever you have! Remember, being cosy and comfortable is key to this look.

Sneaky tip: Be like Belle, be firm and ignore that pesky Gaston by plugging some earphones in and listening to your favourite tunes as you run. We recommend listening to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Ariana Grande and John Legend 😉

Look #3: How to turn Belle’s stunning iconic yellow dress into a cool pool party outfit

We can’t miss Belle’s iconic yellow dress when we talk about Belle’s fashion. But unless we’re going to a school dance or a lavish party, it’s not always easy to go for this look. We simplified it with a fun spin and took the iconic colour yellow as our key colour for a cool pool party or beach outfit.

A cute yellow top with some denim shorts and a straw hat completes this fun look. The love heart sunnies resemble Belle’s eyes as she falls in love with the Beast ♡ˬ♡

Belle is all about boldly expressing her opinions and desires to get more than what the small provincial life offers. So have fun creating your very own look inspired by Belle that matches your personal characteristics. Don’t be afraid to mix match and try different things!

The wait is nearly over – Beauty and the Beast is coming very soon on March 23!

Get your tickets and rock your favourite Belle inspired look when you head to the cinemas.

Posted 2 years Ago

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