The good and bad moments of Jonah Beck from Andi Mack

If you love Andi Mack as much as we do then you know that Jonah Beck is the coolest guy in school.

And just like Andi we totally “heart” Jonah… well, most of the time. Usually he does stuff that makes us go, “Jonaaaaaaaaawwwww,” but at other times we’re like, “What the heck Jonah Beck!”

So we’ve chosen our top five Jonah moments that were either Docious Magocious, or Docious Atrocious!

1. Jonah invites Andi to join his ultimate frisbee team

We didn’t even know ultimate frisbee was a thing! But it is, and and we definitely had the ultimate feels when Jonah asked Andi to join the Space Otters after she shows some serious disc throwing skills. Even though Andi later realised that she only joined the team because she liked Jonah (a lot) we still say: Docious magocious!

Andi Mack Jonah teaches Andi frisbee
Andi, you’ve got this!

2. Jonah Beck gives the friendship bracelet Andi gave him to Amber

Seriously Jonah! What were you thinking? This was absolutely Docious atrocious.

Andi Mack Jonah gives Amber the bracelet
“Amber is wearing your bracelet!”

3. The Cyrus and Jonah bromance

We love Cyrus, we love Jonah, so this is a no-brainer. This is totally Docious magocious.

Andi Mack Jonah Beck thinks I'm cool
“Jonah Beck said I’m cool!”

4. Jonah teaches Cyrus to skateboard

Although it kind of, sort of, worked out okay in the end, some people just weren’t made to be skaters. For this moment, we call you out Jonah.It was docious atrocious!

Andi Mack Jonah teaches Cyrus skateboarding
Andi’s response – “What! You were with him when he threw up on the merry-go-round.”

5. Jonah tells Andi, “he likes being around her more than anyone else”

Can you even be an Andi Mack fan if you didn’t live for this moment? Absolutely not! Plus Andi gives Jonah back the friendship bracelet – we promise we weren’t sobbing into our sleeves and repeatedly shouting “YAY”, there was just something in our eye… and we were happy about it. Just like Buffy, we were so “insanely happy for Andi”. It doesn’t get any more docious magocious than this!

Andi Mack gives Jonah back the bracelet
“She’s giving him the bracelet. She’s giving him the bracelet!”

Bonus Jonah moment*

*So it’s not actually from the show but Asher Angel, who plays Jonah Beck, singing the Andi Mack theme song is everything. Asher’s fellow cast mates are also there to help him out with the chorus. If you haven’t seen it already, enjoy this docious magocious moment below.

You can see more Jonah Beck moments in new episodes of Andi Mack every Thursday at 4.30pm on Disney Channel and can also watch Season 1 Episode 1 in full here.


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