Amber Alert! The Worst (Best) Moments From Season One

Andi Mack fans, we need to talk.

We need to talk about Amber! The troubled-troublemaker, fake friend and Jonah’s excruciating ex.

Throughout series one she did some pretty terrible things – like, next level terrible – but what was the worst? We’ve rated them using the ‘Amber’ scale.

The first “Amber Alert”

Using this phrase and referring to announce your arrival, and referring to yourself in the third person, is quite “ugh”. On the scale we rate this as: Amber being Annoying.

Andi Mack Amber Alert Meeting

Snubbing the “Good Hair Crew”

In her version of the world, she’s probably the only one that lives there, so maybe she didn’t notice the crew… maybe. This snub is rated: Amber just being Amber.

Andi Mack Amber Alert Good Hair Crew Snub

Publicly Shaming Andi at her own Party

When the entire school learns that Bex is actually Andi’s mother and not her sister, Amber asks: “What about Andi’s new dad, we’d love to meet him too?” knowing that Andi doesn’t know the answer. So mean! It gets the rating: Amber being Abhorrent.

Andi Mack - Amber Alert - Party New Dad

“The Bracelet” Part 1

Using fake tears to convince Jonah to give her the friendship bracelet Andi made for him was so sneaky. This is: Amber being An Awful.

Andi Mack Jonah Amber Bracelet

“The Bracelet” Part 2

Showing off that same bracelet to Andi at The Spoon resulting in an epic stare-off and declaring all-out war on our favourite “groupie pixie dream girl”. We rate this as: Amber being Atrocious.

Andi Mack Amber Andi Spoon Diner Bracelet

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Then you can decide for yourself whether Amber really is a snorpion, or merely misunderstood. We have to admit, just like Andi we’ve had mixed feelings about her.

Huh? What? Who is Andi Mack? Just how serious is an Amber Alert? If you’ve never seen the show you’re in luck because you can watch the whole first episode now.


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